Date: Sunday, January 29th
Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Sisyphus Brewing

Have recent world events got you experiencing feelings of malaise, powerlessness and stress-induced swamp crack? Do your keyboard calloused paws yearn for the simple gratification of manual craft labor? Are you a member of the Michael’s Magic Skull Premium Rewards Program? 

Well then TRY this on for size...

As the fartfire of 2016 comes to a close and the impending 2017 dingledisaster dawns, Grown-Up Club is confronting our existential crises the only way we know how: through juvenile alliteration and cardboard-based craft projects. Tryorama, a grade school-style diorama fair for grown-ups, invites you to cast aside this garbage reality and build the future you want to see–literally. 

Working under the theme “American Lyfe: 50 Years in the Future,” participants will imagine a scene from their ideal future America, craft a 3D diorama of it using materials of their choosing, then present their work to the public at Tryorama. A-list celebrity judges will score the dioramas based on a series of set criteria, and the winner will be crowned in a dazzling, many expense-spared awards ceremony. 

1st place wins $100 cash, 2nd place wins two free tickets to the Minnesota Zoo's Adult Night Out!

If you’d like to participate, read the full guidelines below then click here to submit your idea

Tryorama is free and open to the public. 

  • Dioramas do NOT need to be a in a box!
  • All projects must follow the theme “American Lyfe: 50 Years in the Future.” Diorama scenes can relate to any aspect of American life (food, fashion, transportation, orange toupee technology, etc.) but humor, creativity and weirdness are encouraged!
  • Your diorama must be original and created specifically for Tryorama! No reusing old projects from all those previous adult diorama fairs, you sneakster. 
  • Your diorama display should include a label with an easily visible title and a short description of what your diorama depicts so someone looking at it can understand what the hell is going on. 
  • You will have roughly 3’x3’ of space for your diorama. It can be as tall as you like, but must be free-standing. Nothing can be attached to the walls. 
  • You can use any materials you like to create your diorama, but your display cannot involve loud noises, open flame, explosions, or anything that could create a mess. 
  • You can create and present your diorama with up to one other person, but no more than two people are allowed per project. If your diorama wins, you’ll have to split the sweet sweet prize with your partner, bozos!
  • No self-promotion, i.e., I work at Dave’s Design Agency and my diorama shows how Dave’s Design Agency is going to make America a better place in 50 years. 
  • Nothing blatantly offensive, please!

At the event, celebrity judges will be scoring projects and awarding prizes based on the following criteria:

Originality - Is your idea interesting and unique?
Creativity - Did you present your idea in a funny and engaging way?
Presentation - Does your diorama look nice?

Is a diorama like an old shoebox or something?
Close! A diorama is a model representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, it can be in a box,  but it doesn't have to be! Try Google image searching "diorama" for some super hot hits. 

How much does Tryorama cost?
It’s free to participate and free to attend.

What’s in it for me?
Infamy, the glory of crafting, some really great prizes if you win. Definitely a ribbon!

Can my parents help me?
Not unless they agree to come to Tryorama and stand next to your project wearing a sign that says “I am [insert your name]’s mom/dad and I helped make this.” 

Can I stand by my diorama the whole time?
You can if you want to, but you definitely don’t have to! There will be lots of other projects to look at.

Do I have to stay the full three hours?
We’d love it if you stayed through the award ceremony and Clap Session, but we’re not going to beg you if you have to go.