DATE: Monday, June 19th
TIME: 7:00 - 9:00pm
PLACE: Bauhaus Brew Labs
TICKETS: Order here. $11 each!
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Chances are you’ve got a close friend who’s a total catch and looking for love, but just can’t seem to find the right match. You’ve witnessed their struggle to meet other singles through traditional means: bars, online dating, produce aisles. As their friend, you know how awesome they are and want everyone else to know it too. But how can you help? 

Enter Singles Exchange!
The Singles Exchange is a fun and ridiculous matchmaking event where attendees--or, “matchmakers”--represent one of their eligible friends and try to find a match for them. Matchmakers who really want to go for it will create a Powerpoint presentation about their friend. They’ll present on the friend’s personality, hobbies, interests, and quirks, and also flaunt some flattering and not-so-flattering photos.

Following the presentations, everyone will have the opportunity to mingle and set up dates for their friends. If you do not have a friend to present on, you are still welcome to attend the event and provide emotional support.

Single friends must give their blessing! Also, those being presented are not allowed to attend the event to minimize awkwardness on everyone’s behalf.

Due to time constraints, only 10 people will be selected to present. If your Powerpoint presentation doesn’t get selected or you don’t want to give a presentation, you’ll still get to set up your friend during the matchmaking time after the presentations. Have some photos of your friend ready on your phone so that you can share them with other matchmakers.

If you'd like to participate, please email your presentation to no later than 11:59pm Monday, June 12th!

– Cannot attend the event
– Must give you permission to present them
– Must actually be on the market
– Must be someone you know well and whose tastes you are familiar with
– Must be a genuinely interesting person (Are they really a catch or better off dying alone?)
– Must live in the Twin Cities
– Cannot be imaginary/you

Due to time constraints, we will have a maximum of 10 people give Powerpoint presentations. If we have more than 10 people submit presentations, we will be selecting the presentations based on hilarity and diversity of candidates.

If you’re selected, you’ll have five minutes to present. The presentation framework is pretty loose, but there are a few basics about your single friend that we would like you to cover:
__ First name
__ Age
__ Sexual preference
__ Hobbies/Interests
__ Quirks or strange habits
__ The kind of person YOU think would be a good fit for them

Use a lot of images throughout your presentation and please include at least one flattering and one not-so-flattering image of your friend. Go crazy with bullet points, cheesy backgrounds, elaborate fonts, and awkward Powerpoint transitions. Use text sparingly. Please avoid reading long chunks from your presentation on stage, that’s boring. NO EMBEDDED VIDEO OR AUDIO. NO EXTERNAL LINKS! We don’t have time for that.

Please note: We will only be accepting Powerpoint (.ppt) presentations. If you don’t have Powerpoint, you can download a free trial version here. To avoid formatting issues, please set your presentation to the default slide size, which is Widescreen (16:9) or 13.33”x7.5”. As a best practice, avoid placing important content on the bottom quarter of your slides as it may get cut off on the stage.

See a sample presentation here.
See pictures from a previous Singles Exchange here.
See a video here about dating in the digital age featuring the Singles Exchange.

DISCLAIMER: The Singles Exchange is a hilarious night of celebrating our single friends and loved ones via Powerpoint presentations. We are not a professional matchmaking organization and can’t guarantee that you’ll find love for your friend! 

Why can’t my single friend attend the event? 
Great question. The single subjects are not allowed to attend the event for two reasons:
1) We want to create an environment where presenters feel like they can speak candidly about their single friend.
2) Your single friend will be able to save face if your attempt to match them with someone else is rejected. Afterwards, you can simply tell your friend that there weren’t any good candidates.

Why can’t you guarantee that I’ll find a match for my friend? 
It all depends on who participants decide to represent. If the majority of participants decide to represent their single, straight, 27 year old, female friends, then the chances you’ll find a match are pretty slim.

Can I attend the event even if I don’t have a single friend? 
Yes. We encourage all attendees to participate but we understand that isn't always possible. You are welcome to emotionally support a participant or just observe.

Can I represent more than one friend during the matchmaking hour? 
Of course! The more single friends you know, the greater the dating pool.

Does Bauhaus have a really big parking lot with ample parking in the front and back of the building?

I’m a feral dog. Can I come to the event?
Only if you're a feral service dog.