Thursday, December 21st, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Bauhaus Brew Labs
FREE and open to the public
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As the old saying goes, “Every time a bell rings a scrappy activity group for infantile adults loses the legal right to continue using its name.” Well, gentle grown-ups, our bell has officially been rung. Apparently when we first started Grown-Up Club in 2013 we forgot to do a little thing called “making sure the name of your organization hasn’t already been trademarked by someone else”–whoops! Who knew!! Luckily the original owner of the trademark, Brad Bellwither of The Bellwither Group, Inc. has graciously agreed not to sue us in exchange for the immediate dissolution of GUC. 

So it is with litigious-averse hearts that we must announce the end of Grown-Up Club as you know it. In honor of this forced occasion, we’re throwing one last event to celebrate all the special memories we’ve made over the last four years; like that one time when Tim forgot his lunch and his mom had to come drop it off, and that other time, when Tim got diphtheria. 

As per the GUC tradition, expect coloring, crafting, pickle prizes, a very special guest, and some other sensual activities TBA. Hope you can join us!


Is this really Grown-Up Club’s final event?
Afraid so. Thankfully we’d already succeeded in our mission of healing all society’s wounds by the time we were legally forced to fold, so it actually works out great!

Where will I go to meet new people now?
Try your local mall, recreation center, or the produce aisle at Cub. 

What if I haven’t had a chance to spend my Grownie Buck$s yet? 
We’re sorry but all Grownies will be void after this event. 

This all seems unfair, how can I help save Grown-Up Club?
While we doubt it will do much good, you’re welcome to send an email to Brad at to voice your support of GUC.

What will the Bellwither Group do with Grown-Up Club?
Grown-Up Club™: A Bellwither Group Experience will be rebranded as a financial analytics social group while still maintaining GUC’s passion for responsible fun and safety. 


Casual Science Fair was Minnesota's (nay, the world's??) first ever grade school style science fair for adults. After conducting original experiments using the scientific method, 20 casual scientists shared their findings with the public in a relaxed, amateur-friendly afternoon event. From a study exploring the correlation between fart sound and odor to an in-depth investigation into how society genders dogs, the projects ran the full gamut of imagination. Three guest judges scored all the projects, and the winning team was crowned "Presidents of Science" in a dazzling, many expense-spared awards ceremony. See photos from the event!

With their friend’s blessing, Singles Exchange participants–or, “matchmakers”–create and deliver a cheesy PowerPoint presentation about one of their single-and-looking friend’s many virtues (and several flaws). After the presentations, matchmakers mingle with other matchmakers and try to find potential dates/mates for their buds. Participants that want to represent a friend but don’t want to give a PowerPoint presentation are provided a flier with their friend’s picture and stats to participate in the mingling and matchmaking portion of the evening. Past Singles Exchanges events have been featured by Kare 11, City Pages, and Lavender Magazine. See photos from past events!

One of our most popular recurring events, the Comedy Exchange allows people to try their hand at stand-up comedy without risking being booed off the stage and shamed by their families. Participants prepare a three to five minute stand-up comedy routine and drop the written transcript into a fishbowl. After randomly selecting somebody else’s routine from the bowl, they have five minutes to perform it in front of a live audience. Routines can include stage direction, props, terrible puns, and uncomfortable impersonations, but must remain anonymous. The best routine and the best performance win some crap from Savers. See photos from past events!

To get people in the holiday spirit of numbing social anxiety with alcohol and making garbage gifts for that special landfill in your life, we hosted a non-denominational craft night at a craft brewery. Putting a modern twist on a classic Christmas marketing ploy, we had a “Self on the Shelf” craft station. Finally! The chance to make an Elf on the Shelf with your own face on it! The holiday season just isn’t complete without a festive voodoo doll haunting your apartment. See photos from the event!


Grown-Up Club’s annual summer programming brings attendees back to the springtime of their youth through classic outdoor recess games like capture the flag, freeze tag, and dodgeball. For the first installment of Recess Games, GUC partnered with the Walker Art Center’s Open Field to throw a massive game of Capture the Flag in the Minneapolis Sculpture. Over eighty people experienced intense joy, rapture, and flag-fueled blood-thirst, only one experienced a mild concussion. 

A non-denominational holiday soiree, Swappydazzle helps Minnesotans downtrodden by the cold weather feel dazzling again. Hosted at Light Grey Art Lab, attendees swapped cheap or homemade white elephant gifts, feasted on potluck fare, and crafted breathtaking ornaments with felt and hot glue guns. A very special visit from Swappydazzle’s patron saint of sparkle, Grandma Dazzler, warmed hearts and scared children. 

Nearly 25 young, aspiring Michael’s Gold Star Rewards Members gathered at the naughtiest place in town–the Common Roots meeting room–for a night of cold drinks and hot crafts. Attendees brought their undergarments of choice, creative spirits, and lust for DIY decopauge, and GUC provided the party jams and craft supplies. After decorating their delicates with puffy paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and other sexy accoutrements, everyone modeled their creations in a special over-the-clothing runway show. 

The premise of High and Tell was simple, yet refined: present something you created while high–with “high” being up for interpretation. Anything went: art, music, dances, stories, diary entries, fashion designs, inventions, etc. All talent and stupidity levels were welcome and inevitable, the only rule was the you could not be high while attending the event. 


Reading about nerdy board games in a textbook is one thing. Experiencing them in person is quite another matter! The nerd-curious had the opportunity to observe live board gaming played by Grown-Up Club Captain Taylor Baldry and member Shea Bartel while GUC Captain Tim Lovett provided live commentary and insight. Baldry and Bartel played Heroscape, a turn-based war game that pits miniatures from multiple cultures, periods, and genres against each other.