Casual Science Fair

DATE: Sunday, April 17th
TIME: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
LOCATION: Sisyphus Brewing

Do you approach everything in life with curiosity and have a passion for process? Is your crafting closet stuffed with triptych poster boards, construction paper, and potentially huffable glue? Are you actually two children in a trench coat posing as an adult? 

If you answered yes to the first two questions then hoo boy have we got the event for you! 

Casual Science Fair (CSF), a grade-school style science fair for grown-ups, is your opportunity to unleash your inner Marie Curie in a relaxed, amateur-friendly environment. Wave the cutthroat politics of those 4th grade fairs goodbye–there are no winners and losers in CSF (except when we total the scores and determine who has the best project and deserves an amazing prize and who blew it and deserves nothing). 

Following the scientific method, participants–or “scientists” as we like to call them–will pose a question, form a hypothesis, test their hypothesis, then share their findings with a creative, engaging presentation at the Casual Science Fair. A-list celebrity judges will score the projects and prizes will given to the winning scientists in a dazzling, no expense-spared awards ceremony. Held at Sisyphus Brewing, the fair is free and open to the public!

If you’re interested in participating, read the guidelines below then click here to submit your proposal. Space is limited and projects will be selected based on proposal merit. 

Submissions are closed! Please email if you'd still like to do a project. 

Check out the Casual Science Fair media kit here! 

  • You must use the scientific method for your project (ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test your hypothesis by doing an experiment, analyze your data and draw a conclusion, communicate your results). Creativity and weirdness encouraged!
  • If your experiment doesn’t end up generating conclusive results (i.e. you can’t definitively prove or disprove your hypothesis), that’s okay! We’re more interested in process and presentation than having a perfect project.  
  • You are allowed to conduct and present your experiment with one other person, but there can be no more than two people per project. 
  • Your presentation should be able to speak for itself. Meaning, if someone looks at it they should be able to understand what you did without having to speak to you. 
  • You will have roughly 3’x3’ of space for your presentation. It can be as tall as you like, but must be free-standing. Nothing can be attached to the walls.  
  • Your presentation cannot involve loud noises, open flame, explosions, or anything that could create a mess. If it involves electricity, be aware that electrical outlets will NOT be available at the fair. Also, no volcanoes!
  • No self-promotion, i.e., I work for Dave’s Design Agency and I decided to test why Dave’s Design Agency is the best design agency in Minneapolis. 
  • Nothing blatantly offensive, please!

We’ll be selecting proposals based loosely on the following criteria:

Originality - How unique and creative is your idea? 
Feasibility - Is it something that can feasibly be tested and presented on?
Communication - Can we actually understand what it is you plan to do?
Commitment - Will you truly commit to completing the project and showing up at the fair?

At the event, celebrity judges will be scoring projects and awarding prizes based on the following criteria:

Creativity - Was your idea interesting and original? 
Presentation - Did you present your findings in an engaging and visually appealing way?
Methodology/Sciencyness - Did you stay true to the scientific method and effectively communicate your process? 

How much does it cost?
It’s free to participate and free to attend.

What’s in it for me?
Infamy, the glory of science, some really great prizes if you win. Definitely a ribbon!

Can my parents help me?
Yes. Helping out on science projects gives moms and dads meaning in life. 

Can I stand by my project the whole time?
You can if you want to, but you definitely don’t have to! There will be lots of other projects to look at.

Do I have to stay the full three hours?
We’d love it if you stayed through the award ceremony and Clap Session, but we’re not going to beg you if you have to go.