Grown-Up Club (GUC) is a monthly activity group for emerging adults. Think of it like a grown-up version of an after-school group, except with less acne and more unwanted body hair. Founded in 2013 by Taylor Baldry and Victoria Nohl, Grown-Up Club organizes ridiculous, participatory events that help inject fun and adventure back into adult life.

Most GUC events take place in our home base of Minneapolis, and have included everything from surprisingly competitive games of capture the flag at the Walker Sculpture Garden, to an embarrassment-proof twist on stand-up comedy at Sisyphus Brewery. Anyone who’s interested in meeting new people while breaking out of their comfort zone is welcomed and encouraged to participate. You’ll probably even blush and froth at the mouth a little–which is okay! Grown-Up Club is designed to help both the socially gifted and the socially inept connect with each other over absurd shared experiences.

TAYLOR BALDRY - Co-founder, Captain  |
Taylor is an artist, community organizer, and large-nosed person. His work has been featured on NPR, in GOOD Magazine, the Star Tribune, MinnPost, Pollen, the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and in garbage cans across America. In addition to illustration and painting, Taylor hosts the Conversationalist's Cafe, a social experiment that serves face-to-face conversation in a faux-cafe setting. Taylor lives in Minneapolis with his house plants, and can be found online at

TIM LOVETT - Captain  |
Tim is 40% proficient at most things. He is almost a fantasy writer, banjoist, cyclist, pro sailor, and outdoorsman. Tim spends a lot of time playing online chess and is a co-founder of Chef Camp. He works for Friedman Iverson, a really cool law firm in Northeast Minneapolis, but he is not an attorney. Tim’s current D&D character is a dwarf cleric but, frankly, he thinks he’s a half-orc monk at heart.

REGAN SMITH - Captain  |
Regan is a writer, editor, crumbum, beardo, and nutbar. Her work has appeared in The Hairpin, BuzzFeed, Revolver, Minnesota Monthly, the Star Tribune, and Minnpost, among others. She's the creator of  a sophisticated online MS Paint comic called Night Fart, which her mom strongly condemns. Her writing, self-appointed accolades, and a few pictures of her face can be found at  

How very kind of you to ask! The GUC logo serves as our family sigil, and holds great meaning and power. 

In the upper half of the shield is the Eagle of Destiny, the official mascot and guardian of GUC. This stately raptor is the protector of camaraderie, youthful exuberance, and having a really good time. Depicted on the lower half is a human skull emitting laser beams from its eye sockets. The Magic Skull represents absurdity, adventure, and making the most of it before we all become spooky skeleton people. Invisible to the naked eye but still present in the crest is a steamy plate of nachos. This delicious snack represents humility and dairy-induced flatulence, to which we have all fallen victim at least once.